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For us to be doing this so long is a blessing

But with the book due out in the US this week, it remains to be seen if Newman’s reputation as a loving family man can survive the onslaught of publicity. Newman, who shot to fame in the role of boxer Rocky Graziano in Somebody Up There Likes Me, acted in more than 65 movies over 50 years. Initially labelled as ... Read More »


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breakfast and lunch ideas for busy school days

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We don’t know

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But there’s hope on the horizon

But there’s hope on the horizon. This past March the Terra Group bought the building and the property for $190 million. Terra hasn’t announced plans to raze the structure, at least not anytime soon. Conscience is not arbitrary or completely subjective. The natural moral law is written on the heart of each person and we must seek to make decisions ... Read More »

the early years of

When Eastgate Mall opened in 1962, it offered convenient shopping with a fraction of the walking and parking that it would take downtown. In the early years of Eastgate, one could buy eyeglasses, shop for groceries, or have a car repaired there. Murphy store one of the mall’s original tenants had a lot from which to choose.. Ben Franklin Parkway, ... Read More »

industrial siting process

“From day one since the announcement, the city of Rock Springs has been very supportive of the project,” Rock Springs Mayor Carl Demshar said. “We did go through the industrial siting process. We feel confident that the proper safety mechanisms are in place, and we really don’t have an issue at all.”. Great move, only criticism would be why did ... Read More »

a rundown warren of auto

Willets Point, a rundown warren of auto body shops, occupies the area directly east of Shea. At noon on the Mets home opener, a stream of hard hats poured out of the Citi Park construction site, all heading in that direction. I followed them, figuring that hungry workers would know where to eat, and was led to the Express Deli ... Read More »

The businessmen insist on the repeal

The businessmen insist on the repeal of Decree No. Cool headphones 162 because this measure was inconsiderate and unnecessary, and therefore Case iphone affects the most humble Panamanians. (Dia a Dia) Editor’s Comment: Audio Speakers Business leaders are digging in their heels on this municipal alkaline batteries tax increase. The wholesale nhl jerseys underside of the PSU hosts an 80 ... Read More »